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Photo Updates 30-Aug-2009


Added images to Main Event album

Added John Lawton Shreds His Set List album


Ken Kensley Past Present & Future @ On The Rocks… Continue

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WANTED: Shots that I missed

  1. Anybody get a good "curtain call" shot from the audience? The guys lined up perfectly, but there was no way I could make it to the middle of the floor for the shot.
  2. I missed all of Deiggj band's sets! :-( I was in Helsinki for Hensley-on-the-Rocks on Thursday, and on an airplane back to the U.S. Sunday night. :-(
  3. Shots of Lee Kerslake from the VIP seats (bleachers) -- I was so paranoid of the "photo pit" closing up on me that I forgot to…

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Remembering Herluf Hermansen

I remember this nice young man, who came up to me in Spain, talking to me about our mutual interest in drumming. He loved my style and I loved his style. He comes to my mind every now and then. It was the first time he and I met, but we had a bond. I admired him for his strenght to keep on fighting and keep on making music, that's what a good musician does. Herluf, you rock my friend.


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Men at Work

Note the photographer's silly grin, and the slightly inaccurate caption "Uriah Heep played the following songs in Salo."…


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Looks like a great time was had by all.Well done to everyone involved. You all did a great job.Esa , once again you took some amazing photos. Thanks so very much for enabling us all to see them.


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Photos of the Day

Here come the photos from Easy Livin' in Salo - a few samples are up, the rest to follow over the next several days (hopefully not weeks.)

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Lively Legends

Back in the U.S.A from Salo, sleep-deprived and jet-lagged but exhilarated - what a weekend! I have a HUGE amount of pictures to sort through and process, but here are three shots that give an idea of the main event venue. Attendance was excellent -- the main event was heavily promoted locally as "Uriah Heep Legends Live" and drew a large crowd outside of the "heepvention" attendees. (NEWSFLASH: Tapio just reported that it was a sold-out show, 1000 tickets!)

Click on each… Continue

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Easy Livin' in Salo 2009: Arrival Photos

Lee Kerslake and Paul Newton have arrived in Salo. Ken Hensley, on the other hand, is leaving Salo for the night to perform Past, Present & Future in Helsinki.

John Lawton is arriving on Friday.

I'm shooting Ken Hensley's Helsinki show tonight, which means I won't have any shots from the opening meet-and-greet celebration of Easy Livin' in Salo. Hopefully other attendees will fill the gap for me.…


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Ken Hensley: Past Present & Future in Salo

Ken Hensley performed a well-received "Past Present & Future" solo acoustic show night before the main festivities kick-off.

Here are a few pictures before I pass out - more to come.…


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Off to Easy Livin' in Salo

Leaving on a jet plane to visit relatives and some easy livin' in Salo. Watch this space for pictures next week!

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