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Q & A session review

I cannot remember all the questions, so if anyone wants to chime in please

do so.

Favorite Heep song to play live

John said Firefly, the rest said July Morning. I had asked this question of

Lee earlier that day, and he said he gets goose bumps still when he plays


Favorite Heep Story while in the band:

Paul told about the time he went to a bar and met a beautiful woman. He

later found out it was a transvestite bar! Yikes!

Lee,… Continue

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Trouble in HV Paradise

As previously mentioned by a few folk already, Ken missed the meet and greet on day 1. The next afternoon on day 2 I ran into a list memeber and aksed him when he arrived. He said yseterday morning and I said how come you missed the meet and greet. He said "we did not know about it". I blurted out "that's what Ken Hensley said and people were upset". Not sure how I worded it but can you say Heepster Foot in Mouth disease? Anyhow I then asked him what hotel he was staying at. He said hotel… Continue

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Heepvention 2008 The Greatest Show on Earth, Day 3

Day 3 has finally arrived, Saturday night, the Greatest Show on Earth. Yes

the HV that all other HV's write home about.

My day started in the cafe of the hotel, in which I attempted to order

breakfast. I could swear what I pointed out on the menu was Ham, Egg and

Cheese Sandwhich. But what I got was not exactly what I would call in the

USA an Egg McMuffin! It was a really hard stale roll with a lump of cheese,

not a slice. On top of the lump of cheese was a… Continue

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Heepvention 2008 The Adventure continues, Day 2

What an awesome HV so far! By the time I got to bed it was near 9 am when I woke up. I found some Heepsters at the El Cruce downstairs and had a leisurely breakfast of long flat roll with jelly on it. That seemed to be what everyone was eating so I assumed that was the only item on the menu. It took me several minutes to order a coffee, and what I got was something like what we in the USA call expresso. I am one cranky s.o.b. in the mornings and need my caffeine fix so I accepted the beverage… Continue

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Heepvention 2008 The Adventure begins, Day 1

Day 1, Sept. 18 2008

This is the full monty now, when it comes to Hv reports. I sent the blurbs

as HV happened, but now for the details for those inclined to read. I met up

with Esa, Ron and Mac at the airport in NY city and had an eventless flight.

After landing, Ron and Mac went one way, Esa and another. What is an Hv

without adventure? Esa and I had difficulty finding car rental office at

the airport, lost an hour there. (I was also later to find out, the… Continue

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Site update: messaging between members

Ning (the web platform that this site runs on) has changed the way you send private messages to other members: instead of the funky dropdown from the top of the screen, click the "Inbox" link that appears at top right corner of every… Continue

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Shady Lady a tribute band!

Yesterday I initiated a new project to recruit members for my Uriah Heep tribute band titled Shady Lady, today (Sunday 28th September 2008) I will meet the drummer whom also quite likes UH, It will probably take a few weeks to sort out members and rehearsal slots but I'll blog posts as I go along.


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Circle of Hands Band

Did anyone get video or audio of the COH Band? I'm particularly interested in their versions of Salisbury and The Park.

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Brief hiatus - back next week

I had good intentions to complete my HV2008 photo processing and uploading before this weekend when I'm photographer for a local music festival (and end up with even MORE pictures to process), but that didn't happen -- apologies. On the other hand, everyone else is doing a great job uploading theirs. Keep up the good work!

Back Sunday with more photos.

In the meantime, I challenge everyone to… Continue

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New Gallery: HLKND Main Event (part 1)

First half of the HLKND set is up.

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From Alan Keetley

Firstly may I say a huge thanks to all who attended and supported Heepvention 2008. It was a big task for us to organise and thanks to you all it went exactly as we wanted. Secondly I have been to see all the hotel managers, and without exception they said what a great bunch of people you all are. They asked me to send to you all the best wishes from them, and to tell you how much they appreciated the way you all behaved. I think they were a little worried knowing a "rock" crowd were coming,… Continue

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Photo's of David Byron 1975 Return To Fantasy Tour

Don't worry guys and girls they are coming soon

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New Gallery: HLK Acoustic Set

Complete gallery of the Hensley/Lawton/Kerslake acoustic set is now up.

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I lied to Ken Hensley (accidentally; dementia etc) at HV2008: I told him that the set list which I was asking him to sign after Saturday night's performance was my first-ever piece of music memorabilia of any kind.

It's actually my second. The first one was the… Continue

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Back in the USA

Changing planes at JFK airport in New York.

We have more Heepsters! And videos from Tapio Minkkinen!

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Goodbye Spain

Final HV2008 preview gallery from Spain.

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Quest for the "Money Shot"

Heepventions and Heepsters rock in so many ways, but HV2008 was special for me from a photography perspective: prior to HV2008 I had never photographed Ken Hensley live in concert (Evening with Ken Hensley at MBP2004 was great but not really a live concert. No Hammond B3, for one.)

I have hours of work ahead sorting… Continue

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HV2008 Day 2: Revenge of the Flamenco Dancers

I suggested in an earlier blog post that the cancellation of the flamenco dance troupe Friday night was not much of a loss compared to the gain of an impromptu Hensley/Lawton/Kerslake acoustic set.

Somebody must have told the dance troupe, because they came and kicked some serious heepster butt with their performance on Saturday. Jaw-dropping awesome.

HLKND band was awesome too -… Continue

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HV2008 Day 1: Flamenco Dancers vs. Hensley/Lawton/Kerslake

The flamenco dance troupe had to cancel, and we got an acoustic set of Hensley/Lawton/Kerslake instead. Nobody demanded a refund of their ticket money; wonder why.

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HV2008 Day 0: Meet and Greet

John Lawton meets and greets Lee Kerslake, with love. More pictures coming up.

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