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John Lawton with Uriah Heep in 1995

Discovered on YouTube by Martti Suhonen



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Ken Hensley, Eirikur Hauksson, and Live Wire on Norwegian Television


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Lee Kerslake Is Back (in Finland)

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Heep coming to the U.S. in 2010?

UPDATE: Dates are now listed on the official site and news sites have picked up the press release. It's official!

It's not official until you see it on the official site, but looks like a small U.S. tour is in the works. First spotted by Iain Barnes on… Continue

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Salisbury Live - by URIAH HEEP 1971!

Tapio Minkkinen writes on the Travelers in Time mailing list:

The show was then verified as The Greyhound in Croydon on 21st of November 1971 on the Look At Yourself tour. The recording is ca. 30 minutes longs, it includes only two songs but these are among the longest and most legendary Heep Songs: Salisbury & July Morning.


This is…

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Easy Livin' in Salo 2009: Videos!

Several videos from Salo have been posted by Tapio Minkkinen and Radio Kontula -- check them out if you haven't already.

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Photo Updates 30-Aug-2009


Added images to Main Event album

Added John Lawton Shreds His Set List album


Ken Kensley Past Present & Future @ On The Rocks… Continue

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WANTED: Shots that I missed

  1. Anybody get a good "curtain call" shot from the audience? The guys lined up perfectly, but there was no way I could make it to the middle of the floor for the shot.
  2. I missed all of Deiggj band's sets! :-( I was in Helsinki for Hensley-on-the-Rocks on Thursday, and on an airplane back to the U.S. Sunday night. :-(
  3. Shots of Lee Kerslake from the VIP seats (bleachers) -- I was so paranoid of the "photo pit" closing up on me that I forgot to…

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Men at Work

Note the photographer's silly grin, and the slightly inaccurate caption "Uriah Heep played the following songs in Salo."…


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Photos of the Day

Here come the photos from Easy Livin' in Salo - a few samples are up, the rest to follow over the next several days (hopefully not weeks.)

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Lively Legends

Back in the U.S.A from Salo, sleep-deprived and jet-lagged but exhilarated - what a weekend! I have a HUGE amount of pictures to sort through and process, but here are three shots that give an idea of the main event venue. Attendance was excellent -- the main event was heavily promoted locally as "Uriah Heep Legends Live" and drew a large crowd outside of the "heepvention" attendees. (NEWSFLASH: Tapio just reported that it was a sold-out show, 1000 tickets!)

Click on each… Continue

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Easy Livin' in Salo 2009: Arrival Photos

Lee Kerslake and Paul Newton have arrived in Salo. Ken Hensley, on the other hand, is leaving Salo for the night to perform Past, Present & Future in Helsinki.

John Lawton is arriving on Friday.

I'm shooting Ken Hensley's Helsinki show tonight, which means I won't have any shots from the opening meet-and-greet celebration of Easy Livin' in Salo. Hopefully other attendees will fill the gap for me.…


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Ken Hensley: Past Present & Future in Salo

Ken Hensley performed a well-received "Past Present & Future" solo acoustic show night before the main festivities kick-off.

Here are a few pictures before I pass out - more to come.…


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Off to Easy Livin' in Salo

Leaving on a jet plane to visit relatives and some easy livin' in Salo. Watch this space for pictures next week!

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Last known live shots of Gary Thain

Seen on the Travellers in Time mailing list, originally from
Archivist Konstantinos Takos from Greece found this great unseen series of 1974 concert photos of Uriah Heep, with the last known shots of Gary Thain (check his haircut). Special is the photo where he leaves the stage with a cigarette in his mouth and the guitar in his hand...mixed feelings:…

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Easy Livin' In Salo, Finland

Finnish Heepsters are planning a Heep event in Finland for August 20-23 2009. Tapio Minkkinen writes on the Travellers… Continue

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New gallery: Circle Of Hands

Circle of Hands performed Salisbury, live!!!

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New Galleries: Heepster Jams

Added to albums: Heepster Jams parts one, two and three.

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Gallery updates: Q&A Session; HLKND

Added new gallery from HV2008 Q&A session with John Lawton, Lee Kerslake, Ken Hensley, Paul Newton, and Jan Dumee.

Added 20 additional images to the HLKND "main event"… Continue

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