I cannot remember all the questions, so if anyone wants to chime in please
do so.

Favorite Heep song to play live
John said Firefly, the rest said July Morning. I had asked this question of
Lee earlier that day, and he said he gets goose bumps still when he plays

Favorite Heep Story while in the band:
Paul told about the time he went to a bar and met a beautiful woman. He
later found out it was a transvestite bar! Yikes!
Lee, John and Ken also had stories, sadly I forgot already, anyone

Was anyone onstage Classically trained in music. The answer from all was no

Boris asked why Paul did not continue tn music, Paul said he did for a few
years but nothing developed so he went for a job

Boris also asked Ken about head machine and weed, but I cannot remember the

Someone asked if they like Wake the sleeper
John really likes it, Paul has not heard it. Ken said it was well produced
and had a great sound and gave it thumbs up, however, he only listened to
the first 5 minutes.
Lee, surprisingly said he did not like the drumming. Shocking huh?!
Believe it or not, he said the same thing many of us did last spring when we
heard the live bootleg from Germany, that the drums sounded too busy and too
much cymbals..

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