I've basically joined this wonderful site so I could write this message.

Hopefully I speak for the many Heepsters around the World who didn't make this fantastic event. I just want to thank all concerned for HV 08, this site and the whole excitement created around this event.

First of all I'd like to thank John and Alan for organising such a fantastic event. I know it's not just John and Alan so massive thanks to all who helped organise this event. You guys pulled it off big style.

I have lived off the great photos, reports and videos provided by the likes of Bob Winward, Esa and Tapio. I can't thank these guys enough along with everyone else who has offered reports, photos and videos. You've help me to be there in spirit and given me hours of pleasure watching and reading this great site.

Thanks to the magnificent musicians, from Ken to the Heepsters performing great jam sessions. I thank all equally for playing their part in making this a success. I really enjoyed all the performances.

Finally by biggest thanks go to all Heepsters who attended, without the fans this wouldn't be possible.

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Comment by Iain Barnes on October 6, 2008 at 1:05pm
Things would have to take an upturn financially and maybe even healthwise but it is still a dream of mine to be able to attend such an event oneday. I feel like I know so many Heepsters thanks to their kindness, friendship etc but sadly I don't really know any. To meet Heepsters from around the World woul be awesome, I have a great respect for so many I've dealt with online.

I am to meet with at least five Heepsters at the Holmfirth gig so I'm really looking forward to that. A few drinks before the gig along with some Heepy chat. What could be better?
Comment by Alan Keetley on October 6, 2008 at 10:20am
Ian, we missed having you there mate, we really did. Next time eh?

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