John Lawton and Deiggj will play on the Jelling Festival in Denmark, friday 27 of May

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Now it is official that John Lawton and Deiggj will be playing on the Jelling Musikfestival, friday 27 of May 2011.

The last weekend in May will Jelling for a short while the intake of good music and people of all ages when Jelling Music Festival kicks off. You can experience more than 80 different bands on five stages over four days - Thursday already "false starts" festival with a talent competition Quasar Rock on the Tent Stage.

Annually held Jelling Music Festival is Denmark's third largest.

Deiggj and Lawton plays on the second-biggest stage with room for 4000-6000 people. Jelling festival has approx. 20000 visitors every day. There are excellent opportunities for camping at the festival or is chosen at one of the hotels in Vejle and Billund.

Deiggj and Lawton will play a series of Uriah Heep hits from the '70s.


About the festival:

Jelling Music Festival is a music festival taking place in the southern Jutland town of Jelling. The festival always takes place the last weekend in May and has 27,000 paying guests and 3,000 volunteers, it makes the festival for the third largest in Denmark. The festival lasts 3 days, with warm days before the first day. Jelling Music Festival is also known as "Denmark's fun festival list." Jelling Music Festival is also the main actor behind the talent competition Quasar Rock
[Edit] History

The festival started in 1989, to support the local football department. The seven local footballers Lars Charlie Mortensen Bo Højrup, Lars Dam, Ole Kristensen, Kim Jørgensen Kim Johansen and Ole Thøgersen, planned the first festival. Main name was Erik Clausen, supplemented by local amateur bands from the area supervisor. Although it was free admission, there was a huge surplus. Were therefore made another festival the following year. Admission was 25 kr, and the festival was again a success. Several professional bands had this time made its way to the poster. During the 90s developed the festival more and more. 1994 the festival expanded to a two-day event, and 1994 was also the big breakthrough. In 1995 came Himself Status Quo of the poster. The whole 10,000 people were at the festival and Jelling Music Festival moved up among the big Danish festivals. Since the festival has evolved even further, and has become Denmark's third largest. Today is a festival erhvevsdrivende fund Lars Charlie Mortensen, director.
[Edit] Big Names

Jelling Music Festival - as most other Danish festivals - a tradition of having one or two big headliners. Among the largest are:

* Elton John
* Creedence Clearwater Revival
* BB King
* Status Quo
* Texas (band)
* Bill Wyman
* Scorpions
* Deep Purple
* The Bloodhound Gang
* Del Amitri
* Bryan Adams
* John Fogerty
* ZZ Top

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