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At 10:17am on January 7, 2012, Andrew Bryan said…

Hi Paul,

Really good to hear from you.  Always wondered what you'd got up to and eventually thought I'd try on the Heep site.  I was going to ask you about your mum but as I knew your dad had passed away it was a bit awkward to mention.  She was a true beauty when we were trailing round the country and tremendously supportive to us. She always gave me a smile to keep me going, especially at St George's Hall, Exeter with all those dancers. Great to hear she is still OK and living in Andover.  Just about half way for both of us so we could arrange to meet for Sunday lunch or something in a pub.  Let me know when you are free.  I still have the first Mrs Bryan who I think you met in Winchester once before we were married. We had a grand daughter last February from my son, Nick, and I walked my daughter, Jo, down the aisle in September.  So what with being golf club captain and having to major operations it was a busy year.

I had a heart operation last May which was only partly successful so have to have another one, probably in February.  In October I was rushed into Bournemouth Hospital and they found that I had a perforated colon.  So I had to have a massive operation to cut out part of it and stitch it all together. (Hope you are not eating your tea!) I will have to have another operation to correct it further but that will be after they have stopped my heart ticking out of beat.  Never could keep time with the band!

The first time I met you was at the Pavilion in Bournemouth when I turned up for an audition for the "Just Men" (I think you were called) with Gerry on the keyboards and another singer. Can you remember the guy on the drums who sadly died in his twenties? I was too scared to have a rehearsal and Paul Senior must have thought I was a right cocky so and so - which was the complete opposite.  Then I heard him announce "straight from a tour with the Small Faces and a residency at the Marquee" (I though "this guy must be good") and he called my name out.  I nearly made an awful mess on the floor.

I think we did "Midnight Hour" first and I missed my entrance and you had to go round again before I had the nerve to start.  Couldn't believe all those heaving young ladies gazing up at us.  We ended up with Nobby on organ, Roy on guitar, you on bass, the guy who died on drums and me out of tune!

I always used to cock up "Dancing in the Street" and you had to try and count me in when the key changed. You were very patient with me!

We did "Reach Out I'll Be There" in Newbury, I think, when the DJ burnt the record after he'd heard our version - we never did do it well again.  You had to sing such a high harmony that you needed an operation. I can remember that you always pushed me to improvise with the singing in one number and I had to sing anything I could think of - very much ahead of its time!!!!

Can you remember Nobby breaking his wrist jumping over my head off the stage at Minehead and then playing "Green Onions" one handed?  We also did a great tramps ball in Bath where we played with a band called "Sands" (all dressed in red army tunics)and their roadies tried to pull out your lead when they were packing up their gear and we were still playing.  I think you hit him with your bass!!!

Spent all the rest of my life working in the NHS and finished up as Director of the Mount Vernon Cancer Network.  Retired 7 years ago and moved back to Hampshire.  We live in New Milton which isn't all that far from Bournemouth where my short and unimpressive rock career started.  Unfortunately, I had terrible stage fright and couldn't carry on when you went pro.  Got dragged out of retirement a few years ago to play at my last golf club in front of 300 mates!  Terrifying!  I hadn't sung since the 60's and never played my guitar in public.  Ended up having to play rhythm, lead and be lead singer.  The only complaint we got was that I didn't smile!  I was terrified.  No comparison to the massive gigs you did with Heep all over the world.  Must have been awesome!  And they are still going!!!  Have got one album and looked for you on U Tube.

I still noodle a bit and have a Strat, a Les Paul, a Mexican Tele and an Ibanez.  Hoping to trade in two of them and buy an American '52 Butterscotch Tele copy which is my dream guitar.  You should have taught me back then and I might be better at it now.

Anyway, no more drivel (I remember a gorgeous bird called Nadine who followed us in the Bournemouth area) and let me know when you are visiting your mum and we can get together for a chat.  Would love to hear all about your gigging and recording days! My email address is

All the very best,


At 4:06am on January 7, 2012, Andrew Bryan said…

Hi Paul,

Getting confused with this but that's my age.  I'm sure I posted a reply earlier. Great surprise to hear from you after all these years. You look great but a bit greyer than me!!!!

We now live on the south coast and I still noodle away on the guitar.  Good to see you with that bass in your hand.  We have two married kids and one grand daughter and I'm in the process of recovering from major surgery.

Would be great to get together and have a laugh about the old days.  If you ever fancy a trip to the seaside with your knotted hankie and the sun tan oil you would be very welcome.

All the best,


At 12:53pm on January 4, 2012, Billy Moncrieff said…

Hi Paul ,

               Great to see you joining .   all the best and rock on !!!

At 8:05am on January 4, 2012, Esa Ahola said…

Welcome sir!  Nice to see you here. 

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