As previously mentioned by a few folk already, Ken missed the meet and greet on day 1. The next afternoon on day 2 I ran into a list memeber and aksed him when he arrived. He said yseterday morning and I said how come you missed the meet and greet. He said "we did not know about it". I blurted out "that's what Ken Hensley said and people were upset". Not sure how I worded it but can you say Heepster Foot in Mouth disease? Anyhow I then asked him what hotel he was staying at. He said hotel Hensley. Turns out they are really close which I was not aware of. Shortly I went outside and was chatting with Ron Mann. Ken came charging out and said he needed to have a word with me. At that point I realized I got myself into a mess. I explained to him I did not know the heepster was staying with him and that I only echoed the sentiment many had expressed ( a fancy way to say I shot my mouth off). He then explained to me why he wasn't there the night before. I basically said I beleived him but it was the organizers he would need to convince and should be having the conversation with. I also told him I was happy he made day 2. So he said. "Are we cool now"? I said yes and he gave me a hug and went back in

The next evening Day 3 I went to the merchandise section and bought Ken's Blood on Highway book. I also had him autograph it. This was during the flamenco dancers show. While we were talking, I guess I was too loud John L came over and asked us sternly toi hold it down. I looked at Ken and blurted out "wow I have been yelled at by 2 ex Heep memebers in one weekend!!!". "How cool is that?"
On a side note I got on great with Lee and Paul

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